Ok guys and girls, this is the big one (literally). The Kenilworth Bakery 1kg doughnut eating challenge.

We will begin the day with a drive starting at Witta. From there we will head through the bush towards Kenilworth.
This drive is rated medium to hard.

Once at Kenilworth we will make our way to the bakery where the doughnut awaits. It will cost $20, but if you finish it you will get a full refund and your name on the wall.

After we have all pigged out and laughed at each other, we will stay at Kenilworth Homestead for the night.

For this one we need definite numbers as we have to pre order the doughnuts.

It is recommended that you DO NOT eat before the challenge.

Who of you will be wearing their big boy pants and be up for the challenge.

Camping Cost:
Cost: Adult $15 p/night
Child $8 p/night
Children under 3 are free...
Meeting Place:


Trip Leader
Greg Facey